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AT-SAT Practice Tests
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT) exam
You must receive a qualifying score on this ATC “Entrance Exam”
With ATC-SAT you get:
  • Hints, tricks and shortcuts in your weakest areas
  • Run live AT-SAT scenarios and tests
  • Walk into the AT-SAT exam feeling prepared and confident
  • Use the same test prep that your peers scored “well-qualified” with
  • Test prep that matches you and your personality
Your AT-SAT exam score is important to you and your career as an Air Traffic Controller.

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ATC-SAT offers the most up-to-date, interactive online AT-SAT practice exams and scenarios. Don’t take the risk of using a book study guide or the “software” that comes with it to prepare yourself. Other test prep only offers “pictures” or “screen shots” of the various scenarios. At ATC-SAT you run live, online interactive tests. ATC-SAT is a website that matches you and your personality. ATC-SAT is here to help you!

  • Applied Math (10 Tests)
    Develop the ability to quickly solve AT-SAT word math problems mentally, in ways that work for you!
  • Dial Reading (10 Tests)
    Learn how to interpolate AT-SAT dial readings accurately!
  • Scan (10 Scenarios)
    Increase your speed by efficiently entering range Numbers required on the AT-SAT!
  • Analogies (10 Tests)
    Expand your vocabulary while learning how to balance AT-SAT analogies!
  • Angles (10 Tests)
    Discover the illusions that different vector line lengths create and how to avoid them on the AT-SAT!
  • Letter Factory (10 Scenarios)
    Understand the workings of the AT-SAT Letter Factory by running Letter Factory scenarios!
  • Air Traffic Scenario (10 Scenarios)
    Practice landing and exiting airplanes at the required speed and altitude required on the AT-SAT!
  • Hints and Tricks Page (Unlimited Access)
    Hints, tricks, and advice from successful AT-SAT exam candidates.
" better prepared me for the AT-SAT than any other At-Sat test preps that I tried (the green book). The math section was very helpful and explained in greater detail how to do it step by step. The ATC scenarios and the Letter Factory sections on closer resemble the actual test than other ones I found on the internet or in a green book. I liked because I could monitor my progress after each practice test I took so I knew exactly what areas I needed to improve. Overall, I highly recommend as a way to prepare yourself for success on the AT-Sat."
- Eric, CTI student at MTSU, scored 100 on the AT-SAT
- May 2009

“I was scared and embarrassed at my applied math solving skills. I soon discovered that I was not alone. Everyone I talked to felt the same way. I used to prepare for the AT-SAT exam and learned how to quickly solve word math problems mentally and perfected the other tests that are on the AT-SAT exam. I scored above 90% and was ranked well-qualified! works!”
- W.R. from CA

Citations or sponsorships to the authoritative sources pertaining to the AT-SAT exam are: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, or their sponsors or affiliates. The documents associated with the AT-SAT exam are obtainable to the public through the FAA, National Technical Information Service, or their sponsors or affiliates. When purchasing ATC-SAT, LLC AT-SAT exam prep, you are purchasing a convenience service that enables you to take practice exams and scenarios using material and questions based on the AT-SAT exam, along with the added ability to track your progress. You are also purchasing AT-SAT exam prep recommendations that ATC-SAT, LLC has gathered and complied from successful AT-SAT candidates who scored in the “well-qualified” category. ATC-SAT, LLC is in no way claiming or guaranteeing you will receive a successful score on the AT-SAT exam. The ATC-SAT, LLC material and services are provided to assist you as you prepare for the AT-SAT exam. ATC-SAT, LLC is in no way claiming any copyrights to any AT-SAT exam material or any material from the listed authoritative sources. All other material cannot be stored or reproduced in any form without written permission from ATC-SAT, LLC